"Breaking the Rules"–Typography II

In Typography II students explore the history of typography and its relationship to cultural, geo-socio-political, and psychological dynamics of information exchange. The ideas of intellectual impact, complex hierarchy, active/passive readership and emotional expression are explored with the emphasis on user experience in typographic design.

With the second project students explore the expressive nature of typography. This does not mean that they leave all the rules of typography behind, but instead, learn to bend them. They are still concerned with all that makes a strong communication piece: typography that is appropriate for the message, target audience, etc., but now the type can take on a much more emotive quality. The objective does not venture into the “form for form sake” idea but clearly keeps them on the side of communication. They also explore the elements of play and the pure joy of typographic expression.

Imagine! TV on the Radio | Kathryn Anderson

Imagine! TV on the Radio (Detail)

Ryan Adams & the Cardninals | Shawn Hileman

Vintage Type | Sara Jo Johnson

Vienna Tang Benefit Concert | Amy Shu

Night Jar | Holly Ann Schmidt

Taut | Holly Ann Schmidt