Graphic Design Studio II

The following projects were self-directed. The students were asked to devise a design proposal for a multi-faceted project that would help them to round out their portfolio or address an area of interest that they had not had the opportunity to explore. This being a senior level course there is a high degree of research, conceptual development, and form exploration expected.

Paradox Skateboards | Erik Braun

Paradox Skateboards –Stationary | Erik Braun

Paradox Skateboards –Magazine Ad | Erik Braun

Paradox Skateboards –Magazine Ad | Erik Braun

Ivy Green Foods | Sara Jo Johnson

Ivy Green Foods (Detail) | Sara Jo Johnson

Conflict Diamonds | Nina Diab-Ghanem

Thrive Boards | Kyle Sauter

Thrive Boards–Stationary | Kyle Sauter

Thrive Boards –Magazine Ad | Kyle Sauter

Fight Partisanship | Alex Westray

Fight Partisanship–Poster | Alex Westray