Package Design

In this undergraduate course, students explore 3-D form and surface graphics by designing containers for a variety of products. These projects focus on the fundamental ideas of consumer package design, including: branding, target audience, concept and formal 3-dimensional design development.

The objectives include: understanding the concepts of branding; learning the components of package design methodology; understanding varied research techniques and utilizing these to discover the intended emotional and linguistic goals of a design problem; developing aesthetically pleasing and appropriate forms and illustrating these forms in both two and three dimensions; translating two dimensional representations into 3-dimensional forms.

Oro | Santos Vega

You Smell | Megan Cummins

Monkey Doodles | Natasha Dzurny

360 Skateboarding | Emma Wirth

CR 44 | Alison Rohdy

Mister Nesbit's Grooming Kit | Anwar Pack

Sophia | Ariana Nicolay