Graphic Design Studio I–Magazine Design

The focus of this undergraduate project is to enhance the student’s abilities in developing page layout structures, to systematically organize researched information, and to effectively and intelligently combine text and images into unique magazine formats. Students explore the use of organizational methods to assist in the structuring of type and images. The students are to design a front and back cover, contents page(s), 3 feature articles along with an end page and possibly a “Letters to the Editor” page. The goal here is to design a magazine that works well together as a unit. Students are encouraged to create the photography/illustrations that they choose to utilize throughout the magazine. Along with unity, it is imperative that they create balance, a sense of rhythm, and a strong visual hierarchy with all of the elements and colors that are chosen.

Flight Press–Cover | Scott Reinhard

Flight Press | Scott Reinhard

Gaea Magazine | Derek Harms

Gaea Magazine | Derek Harms

Gaea Magazine | Derek Harms

Erato Magazine–Cover | Jolanta Aerts

Erato Magazine | Jolanta Aerts

Briareus Magazine–Cover | Mary Shields

Briareus Magazine | Mary Shields

Flight Magazine–Cover | Meryl Friedman

Flight Magazine | Meryl Friedman