Understanding Graphic Form Making–Undergraduate Studio I

This project focuses on some of the fundamental elements involved in the making of a set of related symbols. The concepts of compositional structure, unity, weight, stress, direction, and repetition will be explored.

With this project students design three symbols based on a name and type of business of their own choosing. They are to develop ideas for a family of three graphic symbols: a picture form, a letterform and a word form. Their symbol designs for each category must work together as a simple system, sharing formal aesthetic qualities (i.e. shape, grid, etc.) Each mark should be distinctive, with unique optical characteristics, yet harmonious with all others and clearly recognizable as part of a set. The marks should be conceived keeping in mind all the principles involved with design and Gestalt visual perception. The marks must also be based on geometry, composed on a grid matrix.

Flight | Mandy Bleidorn

Briareus | Mary Shields

Arrow | Phillip Gray

Flight | Nina Diab-Ghanem

Sun | Jon Orchin

Sequana–Mark | Jon Forby

Moon | Haynes Riley

Flight | Scott Reinhard

Sequana–Logotype | Jon Forby