Strategic Brand Development–Print Studio I

This graduate level course explores the theories, strategies and processes of developing a print-based brand identity. Through lectures, independent research and studio work, students implement complex design systems created to provide a unified and unique presentation of image-building content. The students analyze the needs and services of a specific client or organization and design a compelling visual brand identity catered expressly to those needs and services as well as to a specific target audience.

Hestia Spa–Business System | Clarissa Soto

Hestia Spa–Brochure (Detail) | Clarissa Soto

Hestia Spa | Clarissa Soto

Metis Books–Business System | Sara Jo Johnson

Metis Books–Promo | Sara Jo Johnson

Metis Books–Posters | Sara Jo Johnson

Proteus–Promo | Seth Akkerman

Proteus–Posters | Seth Akkerman

Proteus–ID Manual | Seth Akkerman

CLIO Resource Center –Business System | Manuel Ortiz

CLIO Resource Center –Posters | Manuel Ortiz

CLIO Resource Center –ID Manual | Manuel Ortiz

CLIO Resource Center –Brochure | Manuel Ortiz

Vida–Promo | Cassandra Smolcic

Vida–Guidebook | Cassandra Smolcic

Vida–ID Manual | Cassandra Smolcic

TeaOra | Ya-Yun Huang

TeaOra–Tea Boxes | Ya-Yun Huang

Gefion–Promotions | Courtney Hurst