10, 5, 1 Typographic Panel Project—Type Studio I

The objective is to research content taken from quotes made by or on typography, or a passage about a specific design movement or designer. With that written material 10–9” x 9” panels are to be created that can be read as 5 sets of two (18” x 9”) and make 1 complete typographic statement (18” x 45”). The students develop a visual theme based on their content and this should be displayed in the typographic configuration. The piece should, from top to bottom, gradate from light to dark and simple to complex. Each set of two is to communicate a specific typographic variable (line spacing, word spacing, letter spacing, etc.) and a specific rhythmic system, (regular, progressive, irregular). A modular grid is developed so that the entire finished piece displays continuity from top to bottom and from side to side within each of the 18” x 9” panels.

Futurism | Ann Kruetzkamp

Emigre | Seth Akkerman

Swiss International Style | Matthew Finn

Postmodernism | Kelly Cillo

Expressionism | Victoria Fernandez