"Paying it forward..."

This is my way of saying "Thanks!" to all of the passionate, talented students that I have been very fortunate to be associated with in my 15 years at SCAD. If you like the work that you see in the Student Work section, I have included the links to these amazing designers for you to contact.

Alex Westray
Andrew Herzog
Ann Kruetzkamp
Ariana Nicolay
Bonnie Clas
Clarissa Soto
Derek Harms
Erik Braun
Fred Kim
Fu-Chieh Wu
Gloria Wu
Greg Richards
Haynes Riley
Holly Ann Schmidt
Jon Forby
Jon Orchin
Jonathan Hildebrand
Juanita Londono
Katherine Weaver
Kylee Barnard
Kyle Sauter
Lauren Celenza
Lindsay Courtney
Lindsey Peterson
Manuel Ortiz
Meg Beckum
Meryl Friedman
Michael Feavel
Nina Diab-Ghanem
Qian Sun
Sarthak Kathuria
Scott Reinhard
Shawn Hileman
Ramona Todoca
Terrence Fradet